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Yagotimber is an online shopping destination offering exclusive custom made & ready to order furniture with the best price & quality standards in the market.Yagotimber commits to offer a diverse range of products, ideas to grace your home, and unmatched customer service.


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What is included in YAGO Wardrobe design?

When you choose to design your wardrobe with YAGO, we take care of complete designing in 2D and 3D. After you approve the design we manufacture the wardrobe in our state of the art manufacturing unit. Once the manufacturing is complete you can visit our manufacturing unit and see the finished wardrobe. After your approval we deliver the kitchen at your preferred location and install it.

How much time does it take to manufacture and install a Wardrobe?

Once the design is approved it takes us 10 to 15 days to manufacture and install the Wardrobe.

What is not included in the complete process?

Demolition of your existing Wardrobe is not included in YAGO Wardrobe design service. However, we provide the service at an extra cost through our trusted vendors.

What are the mode of payment?

YAGO accepts all major payment methods like cash, cheque, secure online payments through credit or debit card.

Payment process:-
1. You can choose from our wide range of designs available on our website. If you want customization, our designer will visit your place and understand your requirement.
2. After meeting our designer if you choose to design your Wardrobe with YAGO we charge Rs 15,000 as consulting fees which is “adjustable.”
3. The consulting fees includes Measurement, 2D and 3D design rendering and quotation which also includes the material and quality. We provide 2 design with 4 color variations. Still if you are not satisfied with the design you will have to pay extra for further customization.
4. Once you approve the design along with the quality specifications we take 50% advance.
5. Once the manufacturing is complete you can visit our manufacturing unit to approve the Wardrobe and you will have to pay remaining 45% before delivery and installation. *Once the wardrobe is ready we do not change the design or color, still if you tend to customize anything you will have to pay extra.
6. Once you approve the Wardrobe we deliver the Wardrobe at your preferred location and install it for free. Once the installation is complete and you are satisfied with our finish and service you pay us the remaining 5%.

Is there any warranty provided by YAGO?

We provide minimum 5 years to 10 years warranty depending on the quality and specifications.

What if i have a low budget and less time to get my Wardrobe done?

We at YAGO do not believe that your home can look beautiful only if you spend money. We love to design and execute projects for clients with less budget. Just share your taste and leave the rest on us. #beautiful home!

I have few questions which are not answered here!

Feel free to talk to our executive. Simply mail us or you can also give us a call 8010 255 255.

Purchase a Brand New Wardrobe Online

Wardrobe in your bedroom makes it tidier and you life easier. You can store all your things ranging from apparels to cosmetics and anything else according to your requirement. Purchase a world class wardrobe online from and get rid of clothes lying here and there in your room. We provide you an opportunity to choose from an extensive range of trendy wardrobes based upon your requirement and number of people who require storing their apparels. Apart from the beauty quotient that wardrobe furniture adds to your house, it also provides you a nick over your colleagues and other fellow co-workers. With our modern wardrobes furniture, you can get away from wrinkled clothes and use your outfit to its fullest and make a mark on your fellow colleagues.

Online Wardrobe Solution at

Dressing has been a problem for the whole mankind since its inception and here we are providing you a solution for such a chronic problem at We are an online furniture, decor and design platform specialized in modern wardrobe, it's designing, and efficient installation. We are immensely efficient and proficient online furniture dealers who provide you an all new level of class to run and display.

We put our vast experience to great usage by providing you free of cost consultation from expert interior designers to develop your ideas and improvise it with professional expertise. At you can avail all our services at your comfort and convenience. We take the responsibility of the decor of your home.

100% Quality Assured Online Solution

We are amongst the market leaders in the field of online furniture sales, but that doesn’t make us lose our determination of serving our customers. In fact, it has given us a motivation to work harder and improve our product quality with every passing day. We at Yagotimber are completely focused on customer satisfaction and our quality control team leaves no stone unturned to ensure that the product that we deliver are 100% quality assured and is free from any issue, that a customer can niggle about.

Free Delivery, Easy Returns and A Must Have Deal

Every product that you purchase at reaches you well on time. Product may take at the maximum of 4 weeks to reach you. And the best part is that we don’t charge you anything for this neither in the form of delivery charge, nor in the form of any hidden charge.

The process of shipping can sometimes become really harsh on the product, so if by any chance, a wardrobe which gets delivered to you is heavily, or even slightly damaged, then you can bring the issue in our knowledge as soon as possible and your wardrobe will be replaced with a brand new one, without you being charged any extra penny for that.

The product that we sell may shock you with its price tag as the price listed on it is extremely genuine, affordable and totally transparent. We even provide easy finance facility for our products at extremely low interest rates.

Specialized in Modular Wardrobes and Its Designing

We at are specialized in modular wardrobe designing. We customize each and every product as per your taste and requirement. We provide you with numerous design ideas for your wardrobe and you may change the shape, size, design and texture of any product as per your demand. We intend to make life easier and convenient for our customers and our designers act as a catalyst to our intentions. We have collaborated with all the leading wardrobe manufacturers to serve you better. Our collection includes all types of world class wardrobe designs from L-shaped to U-shaped to parallel to straight to modular to extremely traditional and simple.

All you need to do is go to, register yourself with your email id for free and book a free consultation. You can see whom we work with and what we can actually do on our website which is extremely simple, user friendly and most importantly very honesty made.

Don’t wait for the time to get over. We welcome you to Yagotimber family and together, we take an oath to make the world a more beautiful and classy place to live in.

Perhaps, the wardrobe is one of the most essential furniture items for any home, just second to the bed. So these pieces of furniture are needed to be chosen and designed in a very careful manner to ensure that it matches your requirements as well as make a style statement. Functional wardrobe furniture can be any but the point to be considered here is apart from being utility furniture it should also be an epitome of sheer class and grandeur. Each person has a different sense of style, so we present modular wardrobes which are of extreme utility and also magnificent in terms of class. We bring you an opportunity to choose online modular wardrobe design from our grand store and station it at any point in your beautiful home. It is bound to increase your standard in the eyes of your fellow colleagues. Our wardrobe design and ideas are totally customizable to fit your functional requirement and space available. These online wardrobe design ideas cover almost every aspect of wardrobe designing and the finished product is soothing to the eyes and utility.

Here we present small outlook of the options of wardrobe furniture design ideas available for you to choose from.


Stylish Built In Wardrobes

The wardrobes which are built in on the walls of a room are known as built in wardrobes. These furniture units are generally built at the time of construction of the house and the wardrobe design is totally customized with the home. These wardrobes can be designed for any size. It can cover a whole wall of a room and sometimes can also be accommodated within a part of a wall. These can accommodate all your stuffs and at the same time look stylish. But this is a permanent solution as once constructed, it can’t be customized and even if customized forcefully then the process will become very expensive and demanding as the whole structure will be required to bring down in order to get the new one installed. So this eradicated the maximum scope of alterations in future once the wardrobe is made.

Excellent Stand Alone Wardrobe

A stand alone wardrobe is the wardrobe which is not fixed on the walls and instead it is allowed to stand freely on the floor. These are mobile type of wardrobes that can be relocated to any place inside home or sometimes even outside of the home. These kinds of wardrobes are best suited for the ones who cannot afford the heavy on wallet wardrobes. But nevertheless, an extra amount of space is required in the room as this type of wardrobe requires an extra bit of space as compared to built in wardrobes.

These wardrobes can be of any material ranging from metal to plastic and to wood.

Walk In Wardrobes

This type of wardrobe is made by converting a small or spare room into a closet. This wardrobe is endowed with shelves and storage spaces. This can even act as a station to chairs and dressing table. This wardrobe is a luxury in its own self.

Even a larger room can be converted into a walk-in closet with the help of room dividers or sliding doors.

Best Sliding door Wardrobe

This closet is built into tiny recesses in a room. This design is in the heat and most owners in today’s word prefer the sliding door wardrobe. In this way, maximum empty spaces will be utilized to the maximum. A sliding door wardrobe also ensures that the family gets the most amount of space to enjoy and feel free.

L-shaped wardrobe

This is the best design in modular wardrobes to ensure maximum utilization of all the corners and minimum wastage of the space. This design is very similar to Corner War. This wardrobe design is best suited for kid’s bedroom. It requires comparatively lesser space and at the same time provides maximum utility. And for that matter, these modular wardrobe designs are appropriate to be used in any home and in any room.

Being a small size wardrobe, it provides lesser storage space. The doors fixed on these wardrobes are sliding, which yet again are super stylish and with high space utilization factor as well.

These wardrobes don’t have fixed design or material. Any material can be used to make this wardrobe.

Hinged Door Wardrobe

This is easy to install closet whose wardrobe design is extremely simple and traditional. This requires lesser effort to open and at the same time is also very easy in terms of installation.

Small things can be easily stored in these wardrobes. Talk about finishes and colour, this wardrobe stands extremely tall above all.

The negative issue concerning hinged door wardrobe design is that it requires and extra door opening clearance and the clearance space can also not be used for any other purpose. But if that not the point of bother then these wardrobes are best to have.

Mirror Shutters

The best part of these wardrobes is you get an opportunity to see yourself while you are getting ready for a party and judge your looks accordingly.

This not only gives visual pleasure but also forms an illusion the room as it looks to be bigger as it actually is. Spacious look to the room is the need these days.

Finishes That You must Know to Be Acquainted of Wardrobe Shutters

The Carcass, or the body, of the wardrobe is efficiently pre-laminated to make them more durable. The shutters for these wardrobes are of myriad types, of which the following are examples:

 Acrylic Shutters

These shutters have a typical modern style look which is totally attractive and compromises nowhere with the elegant quality. It comes in really attractive colors from which you get to choose any one shutter to match your already beautiful interior decor.

This is the reason it appears very soothing to the eyes.

Laminated High Gloss Shutter

These are the shutters that are highly glossy in terms of quality as they are laminates which do not usually peel off. These shutters are very easy when it comes to maintenance and their lamination makes them a supremely durable material.

Lacquered Glass Shutter

The appearance of Lacquered Glass – glass whose one side is coated with lacquer - is opaque and colored. Lacquer makes the glass humidity resistant and more durable, and proves a better option than using glass paints. Lacquered glass is an impeccable choice for wardrobe shutters, blending together elegance and modernity.

PU Shutters

These are highly durable shutters and cannot be easily broken.

It has a great property of complementing almost all type of interior decors really well and making them stand a class apart. They even add to the quotient of high class appearance to the interior design of your home.

If you are an art lover and want to elaborate your interior decor by miles then PU shutters are tailor made for all your needs of class.

Laminated Glass Shutters

Laminated glass is the best and perfect choice for the ones who look for glass shutters as they, apart from doing wonders to the interior of your home, are also a benchmark of safety. It holds every piece of it together even after it gets shattered, preventing dangers that can be caused by large and sharp pieces of glass falling apart here and there.

Add-ons for Your Wardrobe

In every wardrobe there is an ample amount of space above the main frame. This space generally gets wasted but this add-on is an excellent concept to make use of that extra space which mostly gets wasted. An arrangement of extra storage is made at the top most chambers and some not - so - important, very rarely used materials can be stored in the loft above the wardrobe.


All Important Accessories inside Your Wardrobe

Trouser Hanging Rail

This is an irremovable element that can’t be shouldn’t be removed and rather should be given a place in every wardrobe, so that your jeans, trousers and other similar clothing can stay organized. A trouser hanging rail will do wonders and will reduce your effort by many times which will be required to arrange your bottom wear inside the wardrobe.  Additionally, it is much better if the rail with trouser hangers is a slider so that you can pull that out when you need to take out any trouser or pant; this will prevent your head to go inside the wardrobe for taking out clothes which we know will be quite inconvenient.

Tie Hanging Rail

This is the best way to keep your loved ties properly. With tie hanging rail fixed at the rear end inside the wardrobe. This will prevent intermingling of ties together or with other things inside the wardrobe. This modular wardrobe accessory is a must have.

Pull-out Baskets

These modular wardrobe accessories are the tools which help in the utilization of space under the wardrobe shelves. Where ever there is any empty space in the wardrobe just place a basket so that other things can be stored without disturbing the previously kept things. These baskets can be pulled out whenever it is necessary and again pushed back inside the wardrobe.

Pull-down Hanger Rail

This is perhaps the best modular wardrobe accessory which allows you to keep things at higher and unreachable heights. This hanger can be pulled down with an extremely easy mechanism, clothes can be put on it upon pulling it down and then this hanger can be restored to its original position with an utmost ease. By this you get an opportunity to store an extra amount of things inside your wardrobe.

Shoe Racks

It is an added accessory to the modular wardrobe. This not necessarily is there, but if it’s there, then it’s of great use. When you store shoes inside the wardrobe on a separated shoe rack, you can make better shoe and dress combinations and most importantly your shoes will be inside the doors which will make sure they remain safe and clean. Shoes are not cheap these days.

Ironing Board

This is a surprise addition to the list of modular wardrobe accessories. Yes, it’s new but it definitely is true. Now you can even iron your clothes inside your wardrobe. This will make sure that the clothes remain isolated and away from disturbances. There is an ironing board fitted inside the wardrobe on which you can very conveniently iron your clothes.

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